Principles-Centred Leadership Model released by Food and Fibre Cove

08 August 2023

In 2022, Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence commissioned New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust to research and design a leadership development ecosystem for Aotearoa New Zealand’s food and fibre sector. The interim report was released in February 2023, with a survey and focus groups (February – April) further informing the leadership model.

The result is a principles-centred leadership model that powerfully combines three major elements to be applied holistically:

  1. Recognition that creating pathways for people to develop and take on increasing responsibility in the food and fibre sector can have a multiplier effect on Aotearoa’s future prosperity that goes beyond the impact that leadership systems in other sectors can create.
  2. Leadership begins with knowing, growing, and managing yourself. Leadership is an act of service. Leaders connect to build a bridge between themselves and others, to create a team and teamwork.
  3. If you wish to influence others, know yourself. If you wish to lead, serve. If you wish to generate power, share it. The best leaders see beyond the horizon and lead those they serve through the changing context for the purpose of a thriving future.