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Professional Development Framework

The NZIPIM Professional Development Framework is an inventory of key courses for Primary Industry Professionals.

Plant and Crop Physiology PLSC 611B

Explain how water affects crop growth. Calculate a soil water budget. Describe how nitrogen affects crop canopy factors. Quantify the effects of nitrogen on crop growth.. Describe appropriate nitrogen management for crops. Explain the interaction of water and nitrogen effects on plants.

Value Chain Innovation Programme

The Value Chain Innovation Programme delivers a truly immersive experience, created to meet a growing need for strategically capable leaders in our food and fibre systems. It is for those who are passionate about developing their leadership style, growing their networks, and contributing to their business and community.

Communication and Relationship Management

This online course will introduce you to psychological issues surrounding communication and interpersonal relationships, including applications of communication theory to applied situations. It will help you develop awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses in interpersonal communication. You will have opportunities to strategise and carry out an approach to address such limitations.

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NZIPIM offers a broad range of professional development events that inform, upskill and expand knowledge base of members providing advice and services to farmers and growers.

Otago / Southland Branch: An afternoon with Cameron Bagrie from Bagrie Economics

Do our overseas markets truly demand the environmental goals they stipulate for NZ farmers? When can we expect some interest rate relief for our clients? What are some options for growth in the Southland / Otago region post Tiwai?


22 May 2024

Greenhouse gas emissions on New Zealand farms: a climate change seminar for rural professionals

This online Greenhouse Gas Seminar is designed to expand rural professionals’ understanding of climate change, why agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are important in New Zealand, how they can be estimated within the farm system, and how they can be reduced on different farms.


23 May 2024

Webinar: High resolution landscape information for environmental and production wins

Explore the significant influence of the landscape when it comes to both environmental outcomes and production opportunities. The same factors that cause environmental degradation are often the same factors that limit yield or production. During this webinar we will look at case study examples of lowland and hill country areas that have utilised high resolution radiometric survey data to identify their strengths and weaknesses, prioritise where investments to mitigate environmental impacts will be most effective, and to identify where and how improvements in production can be achieved.


23 May 2024

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Checkout the latest news from NZIPIM and other primary industry sources.

AGMARDT's New Report Shines a Spotlight on Governance in New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Sector

AGMARDT has released a pivotal report highlighting the unique governance challenges and opportunities within New Zealand’s food and fibre sector.

The "Pathways to Governance: enhancing food and fibre sector governance for greater impact" report highlights the need for strategic support at all stages of the governance journey and for emerging directors, moving beyond traditional training methods to a more nuanced approach which includes gaining practical experience.

Bar to be set for Rural Advisors

Rural professionals may soon have an industry standard to work towards that carries an accreditation, assuring farmers and fellow professionals they meet an industry standard for advice and knowledge.

The New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM) has just completed a road show seeking feedback from members about what sort of programme and its content could best meet industry needs and farmer expectations.

Interest in agriculture drives sharp rise in Lincoln University enrolments

Enrolments at Lincoln University are up 20 percent on last year thanks to strong uptake in agriculture based studies. The university said domestic enrolments for semester one were up 21 percent while international enrolments had risen 13 percent.

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