About Us

The New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM) is an independent peak industry body for the farm advisory and rural profession. The core purpose of the organisation is to expand the capability and knowledge base of members and provide a platform to build extensive networks across the rural profession.

NZIPIM has over 1,150 members from a diverse range of occupations, including; farm advisors, rural bankers, farm accountants, fertiliser consultants, rural valuers, representatives from industry good organisations, CRIs, universities, and agribusiness service providers. In addition to this, we also have around 250 university student members involved in agricultural related courses.

NZIPIM has the following three core strategic objectives:

  1. Equip - Equipping members to have successful careers & businesses in delivering effective and highly valued services to support their clients
  2. Engage - Creating a strong and mutually supportive environment to enable members to connect and share knowledge with other rural professionals and industries
  3. Influence - Representing the interests of members to industry, public & government on significant issues that directly affect members

For a summary of NZIPIM's 2019-2022 Strategic Plan click here.

Our History

The New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM) was founded in 1969. It was originally known as the NZ Society of Farm Management with farm management consultants making up most of the membership up until 1999.

The membership base has expanded and now includes a range of rural professionals operating within the New Zealand primary industry.

Life Members and Fellow

To recognise Members outstanding leadership within the primary industry, have demonstrated excellence as a rural professional, and made a significant contribution to the Institute, the NZIPIM Board can award Life Memberships and Fellowships to Members.

A list of NZIPIM's Life Members and Fellows can be viewed on NZIPIM's Honours Board.