NZ Police Rural Support: NZ Sharemilkers Relocating in the Month of June

26 April 2023

If you are moving on to other pastures in the month of June, we have some tips to keep you and your property safe. This advice also applies to farm owners and the rural community in general.

Please always ensure that you have an accurate record of all your personal valuables and household and business equipment. This includes recording model and serial numbers, inscriptions, and other identifying features. Insure all items of value and photograph unique items.

Clearly tag animals and keep accurate stock and produce records.

Notify the Police Firearms Officer of your change of address.

When transporting your property and livestock from one residence to another, ensure that any loads are secure, the correct equipment for securing these loads is used, do not overload your trailers and be sure that your trailers are registered and warranted.

If you are staying put, consider making some small changes in the name of crime prevention. If you have stored the keys to sheds, bikes, quads etc. in the same place for a period of time, perhaps it’s time to relocate them.

Always remove keys from vehicles and farm equipment and keep your home and sheds locked up to reduce the risk of becoming a target of crime.