Growing Rural Professionals to Support Farmers

19 December 2022

Growing rural professionals to support farmers through change is key to wider sector transformation and is the focus of a workshop being delivered by the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM).

The Facilitation Learning and Change Programme has come out of the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP), which was completed in March 2021. Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) then integrated the RMPP Action Network Programme into B+LNZ’s the extension offering.

A key to success was enabling farmers to access a good facilitator and RMPP developed a programme to help rural professionals develop the necessary facilitation skills. B+LNZ adopted this over the past 18 months, has refined it into the Facilitation and Learning Change Programme.

As the peak body for farm advisory and rural professionals, NZIPIM will now be continuing to deliver the Facilitation Learning and Change Programme.

“This programme helped rural professionals develop the necessary skills and competency to support farmers and growers with change whether that be through an Action Group, or in other forums.

“We are committed to continuing to offer the programme, equipping our members with the facilitation and change management skills they need to support farmers with the multiple changes they are facing,” says NZIPIM Chief Executive Jo Finer.

More than 170 participants have completed the programme offered by B+LNZ in the past 12 months and strong demand continues. On reviewing the programme B+LNZ found it was not their core business and approached NZIPIM to continue to offer the programme to rural professionals.

“This programme is a key element in the work we do to build the capacity, capability and professional excellence of primary industry professionals,” says Jo. “We’re delighted to be able to keep up the great work that B+LNZ have commenced, by continuing to offer this course for our members and other rural professionals.”

The programme is a two-day workshop aimed at improving the knowledge and skills for rural professionals looking at leadership roles within their communities. Through the programme, participants gain an understanding of what facilitation is and learn the skills required to effectively facilitate groups and learning.

“These skills will enable them to work with farmers and rural communities to help build the confidence required to increase and support practice change across the red meat sector.”

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