NZIPIM Strategy Update

25 October 2022

NZIPIM has the following four core strategic objectives:

  1. EQUIP: Equip members to have successful careers and businesses
    • Develop leadership framework and implement capability build initiatives
    • Build a content workplan for national and branch events, ensuring broad coverage of sectors, topics, cultural and wellness issues
    • Grow capability for advisors to support Māori landowners and grow capacity of advisors for whenua Māori entities
  2. ENGAGE: Create an environment to connect with other professionals and share knowledge
    • Strengthen branches, activating compelling events in each region
    • Build branch committee engagement strategy
    • Segment database to understand membership needs and monitor engagement
    • Grow conversion of student members to full members
  3. INFLUENCE: Represent the interests of primary industry professionals
    • Enhance relationships with MPI, MfE, central government and the regional sector
    • Strengthen connections with industry associations and stakeholders
    • Build a suite of formal relationships such as corporate members, sponsorship agreements, and MOU’s
  4. EXCELLENCE: Lift professional standards and promote excellence
    • Develop strategy to transition to professional standards body
    • Build and implement communications strategy

Enabled by an Integrated Primary Industry Network

    For a summary of NZIPIM's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan click here.