Wellington / Wairarapa Branch: Massey Re-gen Field day

When and where

  • 16 May 2024
  • 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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  • Massey University 234 Tennent Drive Palmerston North
  • CPD points: 2.50

  • Ticket to Wellington / Wairarapa Branch: Massey Re-gen & NZARGC Field day

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  • $15.00



Come and join members of the Wellington / Wairarapa branch as they host a field day with Massey followed by a BBQ and refreshments.


1pm – Inside session

  • Cup of tea
  • Meet and greet/ intro – NZIPIM led
  • What is Regenerative Agriculture (Massey context) – Whenua Haumanu led
  • How RA applies to NZ – Whenua Haumanu led
  • What is Whenua Haumanu’s scope, timeline, deliverables – Whenua Haumanu led

2pm onwards – a look around the Massey Whenua Haumanu farmlets

  • 2.15pm visit 1
    • Look at multi species pasture – Sheep
  • 3pm
    • Insights to some/ a monitoring technique
  • 3.45pm
    • Look at multi species pasture – Dairy
  • 4.30pm
    • Back to meeting room/ venue for last questions, wrap up and BBQ


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