Greenhouse gas emissions on New Zealand farms: a climate change seminar for rural professionals

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This online Greenhouse Gas Seminar is designed to expand rural professionals’ understanding of climate change, why agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are important in New Zealand, how they can be estimated within the farm system, and how they can be reduced on different farms.

Experts from the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) and others will bring you the latest on

  • Setting the scene: why reduce emissions, New Zealand’s emissions profile, differences between absolute emissions and emissions intensity, long-lived and short-lived gases
  • Policy settings: the Paris Agreement, Zero Carbon Act, Emissions Trading Scheme and pricing agricultural emissions at the farm level
  • The latest science: where agricultural greenhouse gas emissions come from, how they can be reduced now and what technological solutions might be available in the coming years
  • Farm-level issues: modelling mitigation approaches at the farm level and their likely economic impacts, including understanding the proposed pricing system
  • Forestry: understanding how forestry can be used as an offset in the Emissions Trading Scheme and how sequestration might apply in the farm-level pricing system
  • Soil carbon: how much do we have, how can we maintain or increase it
  • Tools: what’s available to estimate on-farm emissions

The seminar is a great opportunity for rural professionals to expand their knowledge of on-farm greenhouse gases as well as being in a better position to have more informed discussions with the farmers they work with and support.

This event is funded by MPI


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