Wairarapa Freshwater Seminar

Location: Carterton Events Centre - Rangitahi Hub, Holloway Street, Carterton, New Zealand

Date: 14/10/2020

Time: 9:30 AM-3:30 PM

In collaboration with MPI, we invite you to attend a Freshwater Seminar. The purpose of this pilot seminar is to update and upskill advisers in being able to provide informed and effective advice to farmers and growers on Government's new freshwater policies and designing interventions to improve water quality on-farm. It will also enable officials to understand advisers' questions around implementation of new policy settings.

Topics to be discussed at the seminar include:

  • Understanding Government's direction on the freshwater policy work programme and future direction;
  • What will the rules look like for farmers in the Greater Wellington Regional Council Wairarapa catchment;
  • Exploring water ecology science and farm systems - what farmers can influence through on-farm management strategies;
  • Using local examples, review good management practices and decision support tools that are available to meet freshwater regulations while ensuring a financially sustainable business;
  • Opportunities for rural professionals in implementing farm environment plans; and
  • Further policy work in the pipeline.

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CPD - 5 Hours

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