AGMARDT's New Report Shines a Spotlight on Governance in New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Sector

20 May 2024

AGMARDT has released a pivotal report highlighting the unique governance challenges and opportunities within New Zealand’s food and fibre sector.

The "Pathways to Governance: enhancing food and fibre sector governance for greater impact" report highlights the need for strategic support at all stages of the governance journey and for emerging directors, moving beyond traditional training methods to a more nuanced approach which includes gaining practical experience.

“This report is not just a collection of insights but a call to action for all stakeholders in the food and fibre sector to come together and collaborate in the development of governance talent to support more effective decision-making across the sector,” AGMARDT’s General Manager Lee-Ann Marsh said."

Derived from discussions with over 27 seasoned and emerging directors, along with various stakeholders, the report shares perspectives from across the food and fibre sector on developing and strengthening effective governance pathways from emerging directors all the way through to chairs of boards. The report is aimed at a number of groups and individuals including those currently in governance roles, those developing and offering training programs, those hosting board observers or associates, and individuals aspiring to governance roles - everyone has a role to play.

A key finding from the report indicates that while there is no shortage of individuals entering the governance arena, the real challenge lies in nurturing the right talent, effectively bridging the bottleneck in the pathway, and creating more opportunities for practical hands-on governance experience.

“ The sector stands at a critical juncture where fostering the right leaders can significantly impact its resilience and decision-making capabilities in a complex global landscape,” AGMARDT Chair, Nick Pyke said.

The findings also highlight several priorities for immediate action, such as creating more mentoring and coaching opportunities, formalising observer and associate roles, and refining governance training programs to include practical, hands-on experiences.

AGMARDT is committed to continuing its support for leadership and capability development within the food and fibre sector, recognising the outstanding initiatives that have already made significant impacts. By sharing these insights and fostering dialogue, AGMARDT hopes to inspire collaborative sector-led solutions that address the nuanced challenges of governance today.

AGMARDT Press Release, 17 May 2024