Facilitation Learning and Change Programme - Hamilton

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  • 31 Oct 2023  - 01 Nov 2023
  • 9:30 am
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  • Novotel Hamilton 7 Alma Street Hamilton
  • CPD points: 12.00

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  • $900.00



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The Facilitating Learning and Change programme, which is supported by MPI's Integrated Farm Planning Careers Pathway Scheme, is designed for rural professionals looking to improve their knowledge and skills in facilitation and leadership roles within their communities. Through the programme, participants will gain an understanding of what facilitation is and learn the skills required to effectively facilitate group collaboration and learning.

Learning objectives include:

The art and science of facilitation

  • Adopting a facilitation mindset
  • Processes, tools and techniques for working with groups
  • Applying facilitation in other settings e.g., meetings

The ways we learn

  • Understand how we acquire skills and develop knowledge
  • What is known about how the brain learns.
  • How neuroscience and behavioural psychology can help us.
  • Strategies to facilitate real learning

Learning design

  • The key elements of an effective learning programme
  • Designing for maximum learning

Becoming an agent for change

  • Explore the barriers to change
  • Influencing and supporting change

Design your event

  • You will design an outline of the event you are about to run

    Workshop Agenda

    Day one 9.30am to 5.30pm

    Day two 8.30am to 3.15pm

    It also involves a little preparatory work along with follow-up and support to put the theory into practice


    Lab Wilson
    In past lives, Lab Wilson has been a practicing veterinarian, technical service advisor and marketing manager for animal health companies.

    Since 2007 he has worked as a learning facilitator and performance consultant across a range of industries. Much of this has been in agricultural extension and, for the past 6 years, he has been involved in a major national project focused on farmers learning together in small groups. His primary contribution was the design and delivery of facilitation courses for rural professionals and others involved in rural extension. He has also collaborated in the creation of an online course, ‘On-farm Consultancy Skills’ for Rural Professionals.

    Lab’s mission in life is to help people experience the power of sharing knowledge. He is deeply interested in the conversations people need to have to develop mutually rewarding knowledge relationships. He views, social learning as the most powerful vehicle to achieve these relationships.

    He is the author of a book, Customers as Learners, published in 2010.

    Lab and his wife Mary, are Bats Inc Ltd. https://www.yourvisionyourfuture.co.nz/

    Richard Parkes
    Introducing Richard Parkes, a seasoned professional and facilitator with more than 20 years of experience supporting farmers and rural professionals in New Zealand to embrace change and tackle challenges. Richard is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM).

    Richard's background is deeply rooted in farming, and he spent a decade lecturing on farm systems and agribusiness. This experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of the practical issues faced by those working on the ground. Additionally, his work as a rural advisor has further enriched his knowledge and insights into the unique challenges of rural communities.

    A distinguishing aspect of Richard's approach is his emphasis on collaboration and participation. He firmly believes that lasting and effective change can only be achieved when all stakeholders actively participate in the decision-making process. This inclusive and open style of working has allowed him to successfully guide individuals and communities through change.

    One of Richard's notable achievements was leading the development and implementation of the B + LNZ Catchment Community Programme. This initiative supported farmers in playing lead roles in forming or participating in catchment community groups. Richard not only facilitated workshops but also played a key role in developing facilitation training for those working with catchment community groups.

    As the owner and director of SustAg Farm and Environment Planning, a small consultancy based in the Wairarapa, Richard is dedicated to the development and delivery of effective education and extension programs. He can often be found facilitating workshops across the country, sharing his expertise and passion for rural communities and agriculture.

    Beyond his professional endeavours, Richard enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. His love for food is complemented by an active lifestyle, as a keen triathlete and masters swimmer.

    General Details

    Maximum of 15 attendees per workshop
    Attendees must attend both days

    Total cost is $1,150+GST for members and $1,350+GST for non members.
    As MPI is providing a subsidy for participants (via the MPI Careers Pathway scheme).
    NZIPIM will charge members $900 + GST and non members $1,100+GST. NZIPIM will collect the subsidy from MPI on your behalf.

    Please note if you don’t attend the full two days and complete the post workshop assignment within 3 months, you will be invoiced the additional $250+GST as you will not have met the criteria for the subsidy.

    Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are supplied

    Maximum of 15 attendees per programme.

    All enquiries to Caro at events@nzipim.co.nz or 027 5140 902