Greenhouse Gas Seminar for Rural Professionals (ONLINE) 8 July

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Please Note: This seminar will be delivered via an online platform.

FULLY SUBSCRIBED: The Greenhouse Gas Seminar is designed to expand rural professionals' understanding of climate change, why agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are important in New Zealand, how they can be estimated within the farm system, and how emissions can be reduced at farm level.

Speakers from the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and AgFirst will bring you the latest in scientific understanding on climate change and provide an expanded understanding on the application and modelling of on-farm greenhouse gases.

Topics areas to be covered during the seminar include;

  • Setting the scene: Why reduce emissions, New Zealand's emissions profile, differences between absolute emissions and emissions intensity, long-lived and short-lived gases
  • Farm level issues: Modelling mitigation approaches, likely economic impacts
  • Forestry offsets: Definition, ETS accounting rules, absolute versus averaging
  • What the science says: Livestock emissions and the carbon cycle, how methane and nitrous oxide emissions are produced, options for reducing them on farms now and in the future
  • Soil carbon: Stocks vs rates of change, evidence base and management practices
  • Tools: What's available to estimate greenhouse gas emissions on farm

The seminar is a great opportunity for rural professionals to expand their knowledge of on-farm greenhouse gases as well as being in a better position to have more informed discussions with their farming clients. With a maximum number of 30 people per workshop, spaces are limited so don't miss out.

For more information please contact or call 04 939 9134. The organisers reserve the right to cancel a seminar if registrations are low.


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