Advanced Greenhouse Gas Training Workshop - Hastings

Location: Ellwood Function Centre, Otene Road, Hastings, New Zealand

Date: 15/03/2022

Time: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

This seminar is targeted at Rural Professionals that provide advice to sheep and beef farmers. Requirements on farmers to understand, manage and report their agricultural greenhouse gas emissions will increase over the next few years as part of the Government/industry/Maori partnership known as He Waka Eke Noa. This will also include putting a price on emissions at the farm level from 2025.

The NZAGRC, AgFirst and NZIPIM have partnered to bring you this advanced greenhouse gas training workshop, designed for rural professionals wanting to develop their skills to provide in-depth analysis, advice and support to dairy farming clients in the following areas:

  • Estimation of on-farm agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
  • Identification of options for managing/reducing those emissions
  • Modelling the greenhouse gas impact of those different options for the farm
  • Understanding the economic impact of the different options.

Participants will receive hands-on training in how to model different greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios on a series of different sheep and beef farms. A combination of Farmax, OverseerFM and spreadsheeting will be used to analyse the impact of different mitigation options, including on farm profitability.

Participants will work in groups of two or three to model different sheep and beef farm scenarios, ranging from simple to complex. Groups will model and discussed which scenarios offer the best options for the farmer in terms of climate impact and profitability (also considering nitrate leaching). There will also be time to explore ways to effectively communicate results with farmers.

Participants will be supported by technical experts from AgFirst and Farmax. Participants must bring their own laptop and are welcome to bring a separate screen if preferred. There is no charge for attendance and catering is provided.

With a maximum of 12 people per workshop, spaces are limited so register now to avoid missing out! This is open to NZIPIM members and non-members.

Please note: this workshop is aimed at sheep and beef focused rural professionals who are already have some proficiency in Farmax and/or OverseerFM. The farm systems modelling will be completed via Farmax, so some degree of proficiency of this tool is required.

If you already have OverseerFM experience and need to improve your Farmax proficiency, Farmax has made a course available - date to be confirmed. This Farmax course will cover setting up a long term model and scenario including the analysis and interpretation of results and key outputs.

If you do not have experience with either Farmax or OverseerFM, and you are not able to attend the Farmax course, we recommend that you hold off attending this workshop until you have developed more proficiency in the use of these tools.

[NOTE: The venue has advised us that they will be operating under the "My Vaccine Passport" government protocols. Further updates in this regard will be provided closer to the event.]

6 NZIPIM CPD hours

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