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The Journal is the pre-eminent publication for the rural profession and it reports on the latest analysis, research and leading practices occurring within New Zealand's primary industries, as well as providing thought-provoking articles on key issues at home and offshore.

The Journal is published quarterly by NZIPIM and is supplied free of charge to Members. It is also available on subscription to individuals and organisations with an interest in technical, management and international matters within the primary industry. If you wish to subscribe to The Journal please email Annual subscription rates are $90 (NZ), $100 (Australia) and $120 (other countries)

If you are interested in submitting an article for The Journal please email In terms of writing guidelines for contributors, articles should be professional rather than opinion pieces and we ask they be robust and informative in nature, and present a clear and cogent argument. Articles should not promote the products of the author's company or organisation.

A library list of articles by author, title and keywords is available here

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