Why should you become certified?

Benefits of being certified under NZIPIM's Dairy Farm Systems Certification Scheme

  • Demonstrates your knowledge and competency in the provision of farm systems advice to your farming clients and the dairy industry;
  • Provides professional development opportunities where skill gaps have been identified as part of the assessment process;
  • Enables junior farm systems consultants to develop and support a training pathway to build their knowledge base;
  • Opportunities to leverage credentials as being certified into new and expanding business areas within the primary industry;
  • Includes you in a referral network (including preferential contracting) within NZIPIM, DairyNZ, regional councils and other groups seeking farm systems expertise; and
  • Demonstrates that you have met required certification standards in: Consulting Skills; Financial Management; Dairy Production Systems and Grazing Management; Reproductive Performance, Growing Young Stock and Animal Evaluation; Animal Husbandry, Health and Welfare; Environmental Management and Regulations; Milking Cows; Farm People Management; Health and Safety; and Whole Farm Assessment and Planning.

Benefits to the farming community

The Dairy Farm Systems Certification Scheme can provide the farming community confidence in:

  • Certified individuals' competency and skill base within dairy farm systems which have been independently assessed during the certification process;
  • Certified individuals' are recognised by the industry's professional body as having successfully completed the certification process; and
  • Certified individuals' are proactive in keeping their knowledge base up to date through professional development and training opportunities provided under the scheme.

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