Training Aligned to Certification

The NZIPIM Dairy Farm Systems Certification scheme is designed to give farmers confidence in the advice they receive, as well as identifying capability gaps in consultants knowledge base.

To apply for a Certified in Dairy Farm Systems, individuals are required to; be a member of NZIPIM and complete our ethics module, sit a number of online assessment modules, submit a Whole Farm Assessment report for assessment, and maintain CPD requirements.

Where capability gaps are identified during the assessment process, training courses have been developed to help upskill individual's knowledge base to enable them to progress through the assessment modules. Information on the Dairy Farm Systems Certification Scheme, including an application form can be found here. The Assessment Criteria setting out the competencies to be assessed for certification can be found here.

Should applicants wish to undertake further training to upskill their knowledge base, DairyNZ has developed the Foundation Training Course, that is aligned to the Dairy Farm Systems Certification Scheme. This course consists of:

  • Module 1 - Orientation (Internal DairyNZ course)
  • Module 2 - Principles of Grazing Management and Application of Grazing Principles (Previously offered as Advanced Dairy Production Systems)
  • Module 3 - Business
  • Module 4 - Extension
  • Module 5 - Whole Farm Assessment
  • Module 6 - DairyBase
  • Module 7 - Environment and Sustainability
  • Module 8 - Animal Welfare and Reproduction
  • Module 9 - People on Farm

To apply for any, or all of these modules, please contact Lynette van Niekerk at DairyNZ via email at

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